Crowns & Bridges in Temple City, CA

What are crowns?
When a tooth is weakened from wear, decay, or trauma, a crown may be able to save the tooth. A crown, also known as a cap, protect your tooth from additional damage while also fixing the cracks and decay.

Because crowns are custom-made for each individual tooth, patients often have to wait days or weeks for their crown. Luckily, at Chien & Li Dental, we use the CEREC © system to create a crown on-site so you can have it the same day! Find out more information here.

What are bridges?
If you have a missing tooth in your mouth and need one or more teeth to be replaced, a bridge may be recommended for you. A dental bridge is a set of multiple crowns that fill in the gaps in your mouth to restore your bite and your ability to chew food.

This procedure is not removable and allows you to chew your food efficiently and comfortably, while also preventing your teeth from drifting.

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