Root Canal Treatment in Temple City, CA

What is root canal treatment?
A root canal is performed with the objective to save your tooth, eliminate your pain, and restore your beautiful smile. It may be necessary to get a root canal when the nerve of the tooth is infected. This can occur for several reasons, including decay, trauma, deep fillings, or for an unexplained reason. Therefore, the tissue must be removed and the canal must be cleaned.

Why root canal?
Root canal therapy is done to prevent discomfort and stop infection, while allowing you to keep your tooth. It is often the best way to relieve pain yet preserve the damaged tooth.

Is a root canal scary?
Most root canals can be completed in one visit. It is a common procedure done, and we try to make the experience as comfortable and brief as we possibly can. With advancements in dentistry, a root canal is very manageable for patients.

How can you tell if you need one?
> Serious teeth pain when eating or chewing
> Pain and sensitivity to hot or cold foods that lingers or throbs
> Waking up at night from tooth pain
> Small, pimple-like bump near the tooth on the gums
> Darkening of the tooth
> Swelling of the gums near the tooth

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