Zoom Whitening in Temple City, CA

Do you want a stunning, bright, white smile? Due to natural aging and the food and beverages you consume daily, your teeth may seem dull or yellow when you look in a mirror.

In one single appointment…
Teeth whitening can change your look dramatically in a safe, fast, and popular method. During the Zoom! Whitening process, we will
1) Apply a special pH-balanced hydrogen peroxide solution to the surface of your teeth.
2) Utilize a special low-heat light to activate the solution.

Want to bleach at home instead?
We can make you custom bleaching trays to take home with a prescription strength whitening gel. We will then explain to you how to use the gel and trays together and you should get excellent results in about two weeks.

Want to get started on a brighter smile? Call us right away at (626) 287-8333.

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